What Took You So Long? A Handy Chart.

25 Jun

By Molly Norton

Because diaper changes in public places require full disclosure

Have you ever gotten the stink-eye upon exiting a restaurant’s restroom with your toddler in tow? Had non-child toting people look quizzically upon you or even have the guts to come out and ask “why did that take so long?”

Here’s a handy chart you can place outside a restroom door the next time you find yourself dragging your diaper wearing tot to a public potty. And then when you exit, you can say “This is why.”

Click here for chart thingy! Diaper Changing Timeline Chart


One Response to “What Took You So Long? A Handy Chart.”

  1. M Reed June 25, 2011 at 2:10 pm #

    Making copies of the chart. Right now. Thanks.

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